Health and wellness sector: Clust-ER Health at Expo

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Published on 28 January 2022

The regional Clust-ER participates in the Health and Wellness week, scheduled from January 24 to February 2, 2022 at Expo Dubai with a program that focuses on the sectors of biomedical, advanced therapies used for the purposes of regenerative and restorative medicine, big data and digital health, nutraceutical, veterinary pharmaceutical, orthopedic specialties, neuroscience and neurology. The Welness Foundation will also speak with a presentation of the Emilia-Romagna model of the Welness Valley The members organize initiatives with the involvement of various companies, SMEs and startups.  A preview of an augmented reality theatrical event on the medicine of the future directed by Andrea Brunello will be staged.

28/29 January starting at 10.30 am at the Auditorium and live streaming on the You Tube channel of Padiglione Italia.

Watch the live streaming of the first day>>

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Internet of Things. University projects at Expo Dubai

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Published on 25 January 2022

It will be a journey between connection and knowledge the one that the Universities of Emilia-Romagna will present at Padiglione Italia through the projection of videos that tell the application of IoT technologies in some areas ranging from robotics, computer vision, and sensors for cardiovascular monitoring of astronauts.

The event will be held on January 27th starting at 11 am and will be broadcast live streaming on the You Tube channel of Padiglione Italia.

See the program

Watch the videos of the projects:

Scene perception from images with deep-learning and its applications – University of Bologna 

Wearable sensor for monitoring cardiovascular adaptation during space flight – University of Ferrara 

Localization of things – University of Ferrara 

Cultural Heritage and New Technologies: the projects of the Emilia-Romagna Universities at Expo

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Published on 20 January 2022

Some case studies were brought to Expo, among the various projects developed within the university research laboratories of the region, to demonstrate the potential and the results of the interaction between research, technological innovation and the production system, particularly in the field of creative and cultural industries.

At the same time was presented the articulated regional training offer, at all levels of university and postgraduate education, in the field of enhancement and preservation of cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) as a fundamental resource for the growth of younger generations and for the development of a democratic and inclusive society. 

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Here is the game to measure the impact of our energy choices

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Published on 19 January 2022

The project presented to the public of Padiglione Italia the competences of the research groups of the Region in the field of “Intelligent Energy” in a simple and captivating way, through a serious game. The visitor-player, faced with choices to “manage” different situations that the game proposes, discovers their energy and social impact.

A project to raise everyone’s awareness on the intelligent use of energy and especially on the need to manage storage systems to cope with the random nature of renewable sources.

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Big Data and talents: Regional Day closed at Expo Dubai

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Published on 17 January 2022

“Emilia-Romagna as a territory of excellence for the use of European resources and a model for all other regions” – this was the statement made by the Minister of Universities and Research, Maria Cristina Messa, who spoke at the opening of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Day.

“The innovative initiatives that Emilia-Romagna promotes testify to a vision that I see development connected to education and training and generates opportunities for other territories,” added Messa. “The collaboration we are looking for are many, they expand to the world and also to the Emirates and other countries and this is a model that can be increased worldwide,” he stressed.

The Regional Day was dedicated to the presentation of the Data Valley, they talked about attractiveness, talent and an innovation ecosystem that has technology accompanied by a high quality of life. Councillor Vincenzo Colla announced the new law on talent attraction.

Bonaccini opens the Regional Day. Presented the video with Stefano Accorsi that tells about Tecnopolo

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Published on 13 January 2022

The President of the Region opened the day dedicated to the regional ecosystem of innovation via video link, with interventions by Ministers Maria Cristina Messa (University and Research) and Vittorio Colao (Technological Innovation and Digital Transition).

The institutional mission of the Region led by the Councillor for University and Research, Paola Salomoni, and the Councillor for Economic Development and Green Economy, Vincenzo Colla, connected together with the President of IFAB and Cineca, Francesco Ubertini. The projects for the United Nations University dedicated to human development in the digital society at the Bologna Technopole, the collaboration with the Dubai Future Foundation and the attraction of talent and investment in Emilia-Romagna.

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Advanced manufacturing, sustainable mobility, aerospace: the projects of Clust-ER MECH in Dubai

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Published on 11 January 2022

Here are the details of the projects selected through a call that involved Clust-ER MECH members.

They are:

  • DiaPro 4.0 – Bonfiglioli, MechLav (University of Ferrara) which aims to develop innovative advanced maintenance systems of Industry 4.0 based on predictive maintenance – Read more>>
  • H2P – Pure Power Control, InterMech (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) a powertrain of a heavy duty agricultural tractor and 3D virtual simulation of the tractor itself – Read more>>
  • SuperER-EL – BorgWarner, Romagnatech integrable solutions to validate and demonstrate the interactions within the power chain of an electric vehicle – Read more>>
  • TOPDESS – MBS, SITEIA (University of Parma) passive devices for heat exchange able to operate without electricity and in absence of gravity – Read more>>

Expo 2020: Emilia-Romagna European Data Valley protagonist in Dubai

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Published on 07 January 2022

The institutional mission led by the regional ministers Vincenzo Colla (Economic development) and Paola Salomoni (Research and University), with the President of the legislative assembly, Emma Petitti, is underway (from January 11th to 17th).

It is the second Emilia-Romagna appointment at the first Universal Exposition in an Arab country, after the mission of President Stefano Bonaccini, last December. The Big Data Technopole of Bologna with the Data Center of the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change and the supercomputer Leonardo; the innovative projects of the Universities and those of the companies and laboratories of two Mechatronics-Motorsport Clusters and the Digital District, the programs to attract talents and international investments.



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Emilia-Romagna Regional Day – The Italian Data Valley meets Expo

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Published on 06 January 2022

An event that will present ‘Emilia-Romagna as a place of excellence for technologies and talents on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and the Big Data Technopole (Tecnopolo ex-Manifattura Tabacchi in Bologna) as a strategic resource for the future.

After the institutional greetings of the President Stefano Bonaccini (video), the Minister of University and Research of the Italian Republic, Maria Cristina Messa (video message) and Mr Vittorio Colao, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition of the Italian Republic (online), the value of supercomputing for the development of science and the welfare of society and Big Data as a tool to interpret and imagine the future will be discussed.

The Big Data Technopole represents an essential resource to seize the opportunities arising from the application of data-driven techniques, starting with Artificial Intelligence, on various fields relevant to the economy, to the protection of goods and to the life of citizens.


Emilia-Romagna presents its future vision at Expo Dubai: advanced manufacturing opens up to new partnerships and investments

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Published on 06 January 2022

Emilia-Romagna will be present at Expo Dubai with a mission including top actors of its advanced mechanical eEmilia-Romagna will be present at Expo Dubai with a mission including top actors of its advanced mechanical engineering: Clust-ER MECH and Digital District Reggio Emilia, along with the Regional Government and its agency for investment promotion ART-ER.

The cluster is worldwide famous for the Motor Valley and innovative machinery, attracting important FDIs in recent years (e.g.: Silk EV-FAW, Philip Morris, BorgWarner). The mission, which includes a visit to Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (January 11), B2B meetings, a presentation event of projects and actors involved and networking at M-Eating Cibus, aims to promote international investments, research and development activities and training actions, as well as to initiate new partnerships and collaborations in the implementation of innovative projects with the UAE and other countries, generating opportunities for regional companies and R&D laboratories.

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