A ‘humanitarian platform’ was presented that unites companies capable of proposing solutions for health emergencies

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Published on 31 March 2022

A model capable of bringing together, even on an international scale, demand and supply of health products during emergencies. This starting from a practice carried out in Italy during the pandemic to cope with the health crisis.

This is the experience of 25 Italian companies, 9 of which made in Emilia-Romagna (list attached), which, as part of the broader U.S. program USAID’s Covid-19 Response in Italy Invest, have, including through production reconversions, contributed to the development and implementation of key solutions to combat the pandemic: from masks to rapid tests, from innovative sanitization systems to special bio-containment stretchers for the movement of patients.

The initiative has been promoted and financed with 10 million dollars by the United States Government through the Usaid Agency (United States Agency for International Development).