From Emilia-Romagna to Dubai to meet the best practices of agriculture 4.0

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Published on 08 March 2022

Participants will visit some cutting-edge companies for agricultural production, in an area where the scarcity of fertile land and water resources has pushed companies to apply innovative technologies to produce fresh and quality food. Dubai, with its over 3 million inhabitants belonging to around 200 different nationalities, represents a market of demanding and attentive consumers.
For this reason, in recent years, high-tech companies have sprung up to compete with climate change.

Among the leading companies born with these objectives “Jebel Ali M”, the largest desalination plant in the UAE, “Badia Farm” the most important hydroponic company in the world and the“Al Rawabi” farm , one of the leading dairy  and fruit juices companies in the country.
The visit will be an opportunity to deepen the themes of technological innovation and environmental sustainability – main theme of EXPO 2020 in Duba