Legacoop Emilia-Romagna, in partnership con Regione e ART-ER, all’Expo di Dubai

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Published on 14 February 2022

The delegation, led by the president and director of Legacoop Emilia-Romagna, Giovanni Monti and Barbara Lepri, includes some of the most significant cooperative enterprises of different sectors that bring to Dubai their experiences on innovation and sustainability.

“We bring to Dubai a great wealth of experiences and best practices – says the president of Legacoop Emilia-Romagna Giovanni Monti – that we want to make known to an international audience. Cooperation, particularly that of our region, has long taken the path of sustainability and the pursuit of the goals defined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The care for the environment, the regeneration of cities in an ecological key, social equity are part of our DNA. Today, thanks to technology and the use of big data, these goals seem to be more within reach, but they need to be well guided by values that are not those of profit at all costs”.

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