On the Move – The moving ecosystem “Big Data & AI Talents in Emilia-Romagna – Italy”

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Published on 27 December 2021

On January 13th 2022 from 5PM to 6PM at the Italy Pavilion Anphiteatre at Expo Dubai or live streaming on the Italy Expo 2020 Youtube channel at 2PM (CET) will be held the third stop of the international tour “On the Move – the moving ecosystem”. The event will focus on  attraction and circulation of talents in the field of Big Data technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

On the Move is one of the initiatives developed within the it-ER International Talents Emilia-Romagna program. Promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region and coordinated by ART-ER, in collaboration with the Consulta degli emiliano-romagnoli nel mondo, it is aimed at fostering relations between the Emilia-Romagna Region and its talents abroad, through a cycle of events and networking initiatives.

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The mission to Dubai of President Stefano Bonaccini in the national and international press

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Published on 13 December 2021

The institutional meetings of the institutional delegation of President Bonaccini appeared on the main international newspapers of the Arab Emirates together with the events that had as protagonists the main brands of the Motor Valley (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati), tourist destinations, MUNER and wine presentations.

Mission press review

Showcooking with Emilia-Romagna’s agrifood excellences

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Published on 12 December 2021

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia DOP, Extra virgin olive oil of Brisighella DOP, Piadina Romagnola IGP, Garlic of Voghiera DOP, Rice of the Po Delta IGP, were the main ingredients, united by the tradition of Casa Artusi, of the show-cooking reserved for the students of the Emirates schools, who were also able to witness the preparation of Emilia-Romagna pasta by a Marietta of Casa Artusi, with many formats offered, including filled pasta.

The chef of Casa Artusi prepared tortelli stuffed with pumpkin and potatoes, very appreciated by the students, curious to know the products and methods of preparation of pasta.

The famous gastronomic manual of Forlimpopolese Artusi, will also be used in schools in order to better know Italian culture and cuisine.

Bioristor CNR IMEM project at Italian Pavilion

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Published on 11 December 2021

Bioristor, a startup of CNR IMEM of Parma, runner-up at the last edition of Start Cup Emilia-Romagna with a biocompatible and flexible electrochemical device for real-time monitoring of plant sap, is  at the Italian Pavilion in Expo, with a permanent installation until February 26.

The innovative technology, which allows to measure data on the physiological condition of plants, to calculate the optimal irrigation, to detect in time drought stress and to save up to 40% of water reserves, will be applied to the different Mediterranean types of plants present inside Giardino Italia and will measure their health status and the level of irrigation.

In recent days, the demonstration installation of Bioristor  was visited by the President of the Region Stefano Bonaccini accompanied by the Commissioner General Paolo Glisenti and Romano Prodi, during the tour of the Italian Pavilion in  the occasion of the regional institutional mission in  Dubai.

Food Valley and Motor Valley, Emilia-Romagna conquers the Universal Exposition of Dubai with products unique in the world

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Published on 10 December 2021

The Region presents today at Expo Dubai its Food Valley and Motor Valley, a heritage of knowledge and professionalism, but capable of innovation and of looking to the challenges of the present and the future. A combination, agro-food and automotive, linked to tourism, with the possibility of choosing experiential itineraries and satisfying the passion for speed and motors.

Two leading sectors. The numbers say it all: first European region for products with destination of origin with 44 PDO and PGI products for the food sector – 3.1 billion euros the value of production, 40% of the national value – and 30 for wines, the Food Valley, with more than 6 thousand agri-food companies; 16. 500 companies and 66 thousand employees in the Motor Valley, with unique motorsport companies such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati, De Tomaso, Dallara, museums, circuits, private collections and an economic impact of over 300 million euros, with 1.2 million visitors.

Learning environments for digital innovation and STEAM education in ECEC

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Published on 10 December 2021

“Learning environments for digital innovation and STEAM education in ECEC” is a workshop dedicated to teachers, school managers and professionals in education. The program of the day includes four workshops presenting the Learning by Languages method and its products.

The workshops will allow participants to have a hands-on experience about two tools: i-vulcani and the Professional Social Learning Platform. i-vulcani is an interactive learning environment, integrating innovative technologies, which allows an immersive and perceptive learning experience, designed to introduce children aged 3-8 to STEAM subjects and encourage the development of scientific thinking.

The Professional Social Learning Platform is a digital environment that allows the evaluation of the competences of the different professional figures involved in nurseries and preschools, the management and monitoring of training paths and the access to contents, resources and tools for continuous updating.

With MUNER, Emilia-Romagna brings the ecological engines of the future to the Dubai World Expo

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Published on 09 December 2021

The institutional mission to Expo Dubai gets into full swing.

The first day was dedicated to MUNER, the Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna that brings together the four Universities of Emilia-Romagna and the world’s largest motorsport companies that have their home in the Motor Valley – AVL, CNH, Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, HaasF1Team, HPE COXA, Marelli, Maserati, Pagani, Scuderia AlphaTauri, STMicroelectronics.

In addition to the official presentation of MUNER, the audience in the Italian Pavilion could experience, thanks to the latest generation helmets and augmented reality, the composition of the ecological powertrain of an FSA electric racing motorcycle. The project was illustrated by Francesco Leali, Project coordinator of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, in front of entrepreneurs, researchers and students from universities in the United Arab Emirates.

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Institutional meetings in Dubai at the center of the December mission

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Published on 08 December 2021

The President of the Region, Stefano Bonaccini, met the Consul General, Giuseppe Finocchiaro, and the Director of Ice, Amedeo Scarpa, who represent fundamental partners for companies, research centers, universities and institutions during the six months of Expo.

After this first meeting, President also met Ahmed Al Falasi, CEO of the Department of Economics and Tourism in Dubai: “We want to strengthen the relationship in the future, because part of the global innovation passes from here.

We can play a leading role, strong in the exceptional quality of our products” – said Bonaccini. Finally, a visit to the Dubai Future Foundation, spaces that today host research laboratories, incubators, coworking and design places, concluded the morning.

Departure of the institutional mission in Dubai

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Published on 07 December 2021

IntERact to drive the future.

This is the theme of the institutional mission led by President Stefano Bonaccini, who will bring the Emilia-Romagna system to the capital of the Arab Emirates from December 7 to 15 with a program of initiatives to be held in Padiglione Italia and within M-Eating Italy.

Starting from the Motor Valley, together with MUNER, the Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna, and from the Food Valley – among the sectors that most symbolize the quality of Emilia-Romagna know-how all over the world – and from the regional tourist destinations.

“An appointment at which we present ourselves united both as the Italian system, together with the other Regions, and as the Emilia-Romagna system together with the productive, academic and scientific worlds to strengthen our position on the markets, increase investments, and push our attractiveness, also in terms of tourism” – President Stefano Bonaccini said.

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